Dr. Sara Wadia-Fascetti, Associate Professor

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Current Graduate Students

Area of Concentration
Kim Belli
Ongoing Ph.D.
A Virtual TestBed for Civil Infrastructure Subsurface Imaging and Diagnostics
Keary LeBeau
Ongoing Ph.D.
Condition Assessment of Bridge Structures

SCA Alumni

Thesis/Report Title
Alex Bonnar
M.S. Thesis (2004)
Investigations in Model Updating in the Presence of Modeling Uncertainty and Measurement Error
Linnea Linton
M.S. Report (2003)
Nondestructive Testing to Detect Concrete Delamination
Tim Lannen
M.S. Thesis (2002)
A Case Study in the Cost and Benefits of Semi-active Control with Magnetorheological Dampers
Steven Capasso
M.S. Thesis (2001)
Refined Modeling of Structural Connections Using Superelements
Susie Siden
M.S. Thesis (2001)
An Interactive Seismic Engineering Curriculum for Secondary School as Part of the Connections Program
Dawn Dzekevich
M.S. Thesis (2001)
Visualization of Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Concepts for Secondary School Implementation
Saygin Ozgu
M.S. Thesis (2000)
Improving Structural Parameter Estimation Results Considering Modeling Error
Francisco Rivero
M.S. Report (2000)
A Quality Measure for Data used in Structural Identification
Musa Hossein
M.S. Thesis (1998)
Condition Assessment of Hurricane Damaged Houses: a Proposed Framework and Method for Calibration
John Watters
M.S. Report (1998)
Interpolation of a Bridge Life-Cycle Based on Inspection Reports and Maintenance History
Jun Qun
M.S. Report (1997)
Seismic Vulterablity of Older Highway Bridges in the East
Burcu Gunes
M.S. Thesis (1996)
Ground Motion Uncertainty Models: A Comparative Study
Ivanna Almanzar
M.S. Report (1996)
Effect of Aging and Deterioration of the Load Carrying Capacity of Highway Bridges
Kai-Ming Hsieh
M.S. Report (1996)
Investigation of a Semi-Rigid Bolted Connection
Rosa Castro-Krawiec
M.S. Report (1995)
Effects of Hysteresis Models on Dissipated Energy

Undergraduate Projects

Undergraduate Student
Project Title
Date Completed
Rick Unruh
Feasibility study of fusion of ground penetrating radar and impact echo test data (combined REU and Independent Study)
Lev Pinelis
Review and evaluation of impact echo testing (NSF Supported REU Research)
Josh Crawford
Statistical and spatial damage evaluation of single family dwellings after Hurricane Iniki (REU)
Jason Oliveira
Finite element modeling of a grid connection (Senior Honors Project)
Christopher Garlick
Statistical and spatial damage evaluation of single family dwellings after Hurricane Iniki (Independent Study)
Aaron Slowey
Web-based tutorial for CIV 1220 class project. This is a joint project done by A. Slowey & C. Lang (Middler Year Honors Adjunct)
Christopher Lang
Miriam Paschetto
Connections Study (NSF Supported REU Research)
Steve Cotter
A Tale of Two Bridges (Senior Honors Project)
Jan Kryzak
Evaluating the Impact of Bridge Inspections on Bridge Deterioration (Independent Study)
Brian Varrichione
Case Study of Two Highway Bridges in Boston, Massachusetts (Senior Honors Project)
Miriam Paschetto
A Case History of a Bridge's Maintenance Life Cycle (Independent Study)
James Drew
Evaluation of the Ability of SRSS for Near Site Earthquakes (Senior Honors Project)
Christian Statler
A Study of Common Types of Bridge Deterioration and Damage (Independent Study)
Harry F. Rhodes
Data Analysis (NSF Supported REU Research)
Brad Moriarty
Sensor Design for Parameter Estimation (Independent Study)
Henry Kyemba
Parametric Study of Damage Indices (Senior Honors Project)
Steve Baden
Structural Analysis Package: A program to analyze continuous beams (Senior Honors Project)
Tom Day
A Case Study of the Design Process (Independent Study)